Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crossing Wyoming

Today we drove across the state of Wyoming on I-80, traveling from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne Wyoming (430 miles). Most of the scenery across the flat of Wyoming is quite similar. Take a hard look at the following picture. Then to see the rest of the trip across the state, close you eyes and repeat the image about 300 times to see pictures from the rest of the trip. To be fair to the state, there actually are some scenic views as you cross as well as some major up and down mountain passes. Few extreme circles on scary mountain sides, but at one point I saw an altitude sign that said we were at 8,640 ft. We also crossed the continental divide on the route.

Typical scene down highway I-80 heading east.

This is the Wyoming State Capital in Cheyenne. We were over a day too late to tour the inside (Saturday pm at about sunset). One advantage to taking pictures this time of the year is that the leaves on the trees do not block your view.

Statue outside the capital. Anyone remember the symbol on the Wyo state car license plates.

Chicago had their Cow states. Cheyenne has their Boot statues. They are about 10 ft high. This is a photo near their Visitor Information center in Cheyenne. They are supposedly scattered all over Cheyenne.

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