Thursday, April 8, 2010

In Salt Lake City

Today we made the drive from Reno to Salt Lake City about 520 miles across Nev on I-80. Yesterday we drove from Fremont Ca. to Reno passing through the Donner Pass area with no problems with snow. We could see that there had been snow there from the piles along the side of the roads, but the roadways were perfectly dry for us. In Reno we did make a pass at the down town area where they have the various casinos. It seems quite small and blah compared to Las Vegas. We never even dropped a dime in their machines so we both came out even.
The trip across Nev on I-80 yielded some very nice scenery as shown in some of the samples below. The lush green hills of Calif. are not in Nev. They look like they are quite a ways behind in spring growth and also look as though they never will be the green we saw in Calif. The Calif hills were probably about a green as they will be all year as they have had much rain recently and while we were there.
Tomorrow will be a day looking around Salt Lake City. Then Sat drive to Cheyenne and Sun on home to Mom's. Weather looks good and expecting mid 60's tomorrow. See the fluffy clouds we saw today while in 55 to 62 degree range.

Nevada scenery from I-80

Heading East on Nev. I-80

We made a stop at Salt Lake. Had to walk about .2 miles out to get to the water edge. The shore is very very flat and long. The lake may be only about 6 inches deep by the way it looks.

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