Monday, April 5, 2010

Snowed in Fremont

If we were on plan, I would be telling you about our drive from Fremont to Reno. However, there has been a big snow storm up in the mountains and our planned route I-80 is snowed over and almost closed. In fact it was closed to west bound at one time and then the only east bound had to have chains or all 4 wheel drive with snow tires to travel the road. We had neither so have just stayed in Fremont at Scott and Rosi's. They are treating us very well and have been enjoying the time with Gemma so we have delayed the trip by 2 days. That means we will be heading out on Wed am if the roads seem passable. I have been watching the weather radar closely and there is one spot on this side of Truckee that has had snow falling all the time I have been watching it. It may be just radar snow, but who wants to risk it. I guess it is near the area known as Donnor Pass. I remember Ralph H was quite worried about it last year and that was a month earlier. I have been watching the Calif. highway web site as well to get road status.
We did have a easter egg coloring party here and Gemma got to color her first easter eggs. I am not sure if we have started a tradition or if Rosi will try to forget the experience. No dye was spilled on the floor/rug so it could not be considered that bad. Gemma seemed to enjoy it as well. She landed some eggs in the color cup a little hard, but they were eaten quite soon so no matter. See attached photo.
We made a side trip to the Golden Gate Park in SF and went through the Californina Academy of Sciences as well as some of the garden areas. See attached photo.

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